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Expert help

From: <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 16:21:03 -0400
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Hi guys, (gals),  

I'm clearly over my head here, so I need some guidance. I'm not asking absorb 5 books and 3 years experience via an email chat, but if you feel that pointing to particular manuals, or even consultants would help please do so.  

I have been posed a problem by management whether concerning a J2EE project where the database will be designed and modeled, and the database(s) architected to best serve the business, based both in Florida and Seattle.  

20% of the transactions will occur on the west coast and about 80% on the east coast. The initial proposal was to master/master replicate two databases. The thinking being that to have one database in Florida would be a big slow down for the end user experience due to latency. The server to server pipe is prioritized and big, but the end user would not at this point enjoy as large a bandwidth.  

The later scenario would incorporate Seattle as a data guard failover site. The replication idea envisions failover to the surviving instance/database.  

The question really is which way to go and why, (or another way)! Master/Master replication to complicated? Is latency assumed, directing attention to replication? Is there a better idea out there?  

Surely there will be outside help brought in as I am a single DBA, and my advise is to spend money up front to lay a solid foundation that does not have to be re-thought six months into the project, (ie help).
(this is novel in my experience, and now have a wonderful chance to
prove it). I notice many of you are, and know of such people, and I am inclined to think the quality would be better than going to Oracle.... Which is their first thought for talent, (which at this point really consists of technical support to Oracles sales staff). However, that is for the basic decision of replication or other, others definitely will need to be brought in for the modeling, and I really want to see the interaction with them and J2.  

So let me know what you think. Consider one site a failover, and latency. We are not married to any one idea, but I was presented with the replication idea off the starting block.    

Best Regards,  

P.S. I'll be back in the AM, wanted to get this out tonight however. They are looking for advise asap, this week or early next week...(but then again it might be just a motivator.... They keep threatening,
(mentioning), SQL*Server, I think, also as a motivator). :-)

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
904 727-2546

Received on Wed Jul 18 2007 - 15:21:03 CDT

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