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Re: Shutdown Abort

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Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 14:49:15 -0500
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I never saw my lttle contribution to this during the last thread ("Query Database while shutdown in progress"), so here it is again - only because it shows that Oracle Corp. RECOMMENDS Shutdown Abort in their RMan docs. Of course we all know that Startup Force does a Shutdown Abort as the first step.

Startup Force IS, actually, recommended. Check out the 9i RMan demo file case1.rcv in $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo. Also, in your 10g docs, check out Backup and Recovery Advanced User's Guide ...6 Making Backups with RMAN: Advanced Topics ......Backing Up in NOARCHIVELOG Mode: Example

In both cases Oracle recommends a Startup Force / Shutdown Immediate / Startup Mount sequence to get your NoArchivelog database properly ready for its RMan backup.

Works for us in all our Dev and Test DB RMan backups.

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07/03/2007 01:35 PM
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Re: Shutdown Abort

Thanks Jared. It has taken all of my strength to not reply to some of the most egregious postings in this thread. My more recent blurb on shutdown abort can be found on page four of my 2004 HA paper:

I will confirm that practically every site that requires very high availability uses 'abort' as SOP. I am really surprised and disappointed by the wild theoretical conjecture that accompanies the steadfast resistance to 'abort'.

Speaking of wild theoretical conjecture, thanks to Alex G. for his recent rants on DBAs and guessing. I have long been an opponent of the 'guessing method' of Oracle tuning, which goes hand in hand with the 'try a bunch of stuff' method of Oracle troubleshooting :-)

Best to all, including the guessers,

Jeremiah Wilton
ORA-600 Consulting

Jared Still wrote:
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> If you are not familiar with Jeremiah Wilton, he was a DBA at

> <> from early days.
> Amazon has a few databases, and they were/are regularly shutdown with
> abort.


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