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RE: Shutdown Abort

From: Robert Freeman <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 09:26:41 -0600
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Shutdown AbortAll I can say is that generally when I'm doing something production, if I have to shut down the thing fast, I do a shutdown abort. In fact, there are systems I've dealt with before that only a shutdown abort would bring it down, and a shutdown immediate would hang it. I've worked at probably 50+ clients in my Oracle years (someday I need to sit down and actually count them!)

For every book I've written, every time I would shutdown one of my databases that I'm using for the book it would be a shutdown abort.

While I can not give you a hard number of how many shutdown aborts I've done, I'm sure it's a lot. Since 7.3, I've never had a database fail to come back up after a shutdown abort for any reason that could be attributed to the shutdown abort. Never.


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[]On Behalf Of Randy Johnson   Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2007 7:08 AM
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  With all due respect this was not a controlled test. So I'd be carefull not to assume it was caused by the abort.


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  Well… I think this goes towards the conversation about whether it is safe or not. No data is lost with TEMP… but others brought up the issue that the database could have been writing blocks to the datafiles just at that moment. (or tempfile)?

  I don’t believe data would be lost… (what if log buffer was being flushed to redo log)? … This can be discussed separately, but my point goes to the argument that it saves time… which was what started the thread.

  Does it save time, if the tempfile fails verification tests… or if a datafile needs recovery (aside from the fact that recovery is implicit with shutdown abort).

  Perhaps if you already had the drop/create tempfile statements ready… you might say that in your particular situation, it saves time If you manually shutdown startup. But it doesn’t look like a particularly best practices type of thing to automate reliably, (meaning you can sleep through it).

  …. I’m not drawing conclusions adamantly, but just pointing out what actually happened. (It was a test environment).

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  From: Michael Haddon []   Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2007 1:46 AM
  To: Patterson, Joel; Oracle-L_at_Freelists   Subject: Re: Shutdown Abort

  Hmmm.. I would be curious about what other data might be in a questionable state,... wrote:

  Update FYI:

  I just did a shutdown abort on and got:

  ORA-01187: cannot read from file 201 because it failed verification tests.

  Had to drop and re-create the TEMP tablespace….

  Joel Patterson

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