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RE: Netbackup on a RAC

From: Kline.Michael <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 06:27:29 -0400
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Resources are tight, but NetBackup guy has been told this project goes all the way up to VP, so he's on the phone with Symantec and things are starting to happen. This person has an MS background and very little Unix. I think that attributes to his comments as he's most comfortable with that. There was also some past history with large volume activity and AIX causing problem on the network, but it's not like RAC is so "uncommon" now a days.  

Michael Kline  

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The question always come down to is there enough resources to support the backups and the db/applications within the shared env. Each one of those statements could be true if the answer is yes that the resources will be constrained, however, the initial reaction to each statement is no, without information showing that the applications/databases targeted at the shared environment will overwhelm it.  

        Got this info from our NetBackup person. I'm not sure how much is true or not. Looking for tips and suggestions.          

        The database is 10G on some large IBM AIX servers. I think P595, but not positive.

        From our NetBackup guy.

        Please hear me on this.

        Implement large databases requiring backup on standalone servers. Do not use a shared or LPAR environment.

        An effective backup of a large database requires access to either a dedicated offnet NIC or a tape attached HBA.

        Right now, we have a project which is having to reinstall to another server since they implemented on a shared IO environment.

        This database has been quoted to me as 30g. If RAC/AIX/LPAR is feasible at all at our software level (enquiry has been submitted to the vendor), that doesnt sound too bad.

        IF this is QA and there is a larger Prod component planned, or any other project planned with a large database, don t implement it this way. Use a standalone server.

        I will save this email so we can all remember that this was mentioned.          

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