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Assalamulakum Warahmatullahi warabraakatu,

Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 02:36:11 +0000
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Assalamulakum Warahmatullahi warabraaka,

With Due Respect and humility. I and my sister is writing you this letter which we believe, would be of a great interest to you. Your contact came to us through your Country trade Journal in world trade center (W.T.C) Dakar Senegal. i and my sister was convinced as to solicit for your support and assistance after reading your profile.  

 I am Ousman Houseni,and my Sister Ramatue Houseni, we are from serrie leone, the only Son and Daughter of late Colonel Houseni of blessed memory. My Father was the second in command, and younger brother of Colonel Mohamed Musa, who is the leader of the Conseil national pour la défense de la democratie (CNDD) from the southern part of my country serrie leone. our late Father was in charge of purchasing arms and ammunitions for the rebel group because of his vast connections abroad.  

In course of the war, our late Father was sent to Libya and Moscow to purchase arms and ammunitions valued at the sum of Two Hundred and Eighty- million United States Dollars. Of this transaction, our late Father told me he was able to divert the sum of Twenty Five million United States Dollars (USD$ 25; 000000 Dollas) to a prime Bank in Dakar Senegal. Through diplomatic means the consignment was deposited as a family treasure so as not to let the security trust know the real contents of the consignment, but the real contents is cash. My late Father told me that he took the action because he strongly believed that they could never win the war,

Right now as we are writing to you the United Nation has placed total sanction on the rebel movement and though peace talks have started we don't still see peace in the nearest future. When Colonel Mohamed Musa our father in-law got to know of the demise of our Father he had us sent away to Senegal where I and my sister is residing now on refugee status. I and my sister is now in helpless situation without a partner to guide me. That's why we are soliciting for your assistance in putting these funds in your possession to good profit yielding investment.

All we need from you is to assist us to bring out this fund from the prime bank. Since because of our refugee status, I must use an established person to transact our business. My Sister and I have agreed to make available a reasonable percentage of 30% for your assistance and all the expenses that would be incurred by you at the end of this transaction. I want you to know that all the information and document pertaining to the deposit of the funds by our late Father are all with us and we are willing to make them available at any time to facilitate your assistance

If this proposal appeals to you, kindly respond back to us urgently through this Email written above for more information. EMAIL Address

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Best regards,Ousman And Sister Ramatue Houseni, Received on Thu Jun 07 2007 - 21:36:11 CDT

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