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error on clusterware installation

From: Kerber, Andrew W. <>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 08:12:53 -0500
Message-ID: <>

We are trying to reinstall clusterware on a sun solaris sparc 64 bit, clusterware 10gr2, using veritas storage foundation version 5.x.

The installation goes fine to the point where the unix admin runs, and we get this message. This is a reinstall, we had to change the name of both boxes on the cluster, so we should have everything we need for installation. It looks like to me it is looking for skgxn library, but according to the documentation that's not needed for veritas storage foundation. Anyone have any ideas?:

root_at_ssys141a-> /u01/app/crshome/
WARNING: directory '/u01/app' is not owned by root
WARNING: directory '/u01' is not owned by root
Checking to see if Oracle CRS stack is already configured Checking to see if any 9i GSD is up
/u01/app/crshome/bin/lsdb: Failed to initialize Cluster Context skgxn error number 1311719766
  operation skgxnqtsz
  location SKGXN not av
errno 0: Error 0

Setting the permissions on OCR backup directory Setting up NS directories
Oracle Cluster Registry configuration upgraded successfully WARNING: directory '/u01/app' is not owned by root WARNING: directory '/u01' is not owned by root clscfg -install -nn nodeA,nodeAnum,nodeB,nodeBnum... -o crshome

       -l languageid -c clustername -q votedisk
       [-t p1,p2,p3,p4] [-pn privA,privAnum,privB,privBnum...]
       [-hn hostA,hostAnum,hostB,hostBnum...]

-o crshome - directory CRS is installed in
-q votedisk - path to the CSS voting disk
-c clustername - name of the cluster. 1-14 character string
-l languageid - Oracle localization language id.
                   e.g. AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ASCII37C

-nn name,num - nodename list in pairs of nodename,nodenumber
If OS clusterware is installed see vendor docs. e.g. node1,1,node2,2,node4,4
-pn name,num - Defines private interconnect names for nodes already
specified with the -nn flag. Defaults to the nodename if not specified.
-hn name,num - Defines hostnames for nodes specified with the -nn
flag in the same format as above. Defaults to the nodename if not specified.
-t p1,p2,p3,p4 - Specifies TCP ports to be used by the CRS daemons
on the private interconnect. default ports: 49895,49896,49897,49898
-force Forces overwrite of any previous configuration.
WARNING: Using this tool may corrupt your cluster configuration. Do not use unless you positively know what you are doing.

Failed to initialize Oracle Cluster Registry for cluster 0

Andrew W. Kerber
Senior Oracle DBA

"If at first you dont succeed dont take up skydiving."

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Received on Fri May 25 2007 - 08:12:53 CDT

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