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Re: Embarasing question ....

From: Norman Dunbar <>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 09:50:31 +0100
Message-Id: <>

Morning Stephan,

>> What about the type bodys ? Were they invalidated ?
The bodies were fine. The script from the vendor recreated the index types and the bodies - they had to, there was a parameter missing from one of the routines. An OCIEnv handle is now required.

>> That could be the reason for the index objects being invalidated.
Check to
>> see if they are in dba_dependencies.

Yes they are. The indexes that wenet invalid are all listed. The have dependencied on two other objects both of which were recreated by the script we had applied. However, part of that script then drops and rebuilds all the idexes that are affected by the change to the object_type.

I know that the script worked without error and we have re-run it again on a test system to be sure. Nothing was invalid afterwards.

We are not having much 'luck' at finding our root cause with this problem. I don't like that !


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Rivers House, Leeds.

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