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RE: Hint for self-join connect by

From: Herring Dave - dherri <>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 08:43:20 -0500
Message-ID: <>

With ACCT_ID having about 450,000 at '_MERGED_' and the other 70 million or so being unique, a histogram on this could should help. It does, at least most of the times. I couldn't get the right results under, but then again it may be that 5% sample size with the histogram (skewonly) wasn't enough.

I bailed on this and decided to review the SQL, to see if there's a different approach that can be used. I came up with the following, which for now takes around 5 minutes under and, with any CPU patch (much faster than the 45 minute "good" plan and 4 to 8 hrs "bad" plan):



CREATE TABLE dch_work_surr_mgmt_three PCTFREE 0 NOLOGGING PARALLEL AS SELECT surrogate_id, root_surrogate_id
  FROM (SELECT surrogate_id, root_surrogate_id

             , ROW_NUMBER () OVER (PARTITION BY surrogate_id 
                                       ORDER BY lev DESC) AS rn
          FROM (SELECT CAST(SUBSTR(tree, 1, INSTR(tree, '|') - 1) AS
VARCHAR2(11)) AS surrogate_id
                     , CAST(SUBSTR(SUBSTR(tree, INSTR(tree, '|', -1)),
2) AS VARCHAR2(11)) AS root_surrogate_id
                     , lev
                  FROM (SELECT d2.tree || '|' || d1.surrogate_id tree
                             , lev + 1 lev
                          FROM dch_work_surr_mgmt_one d1
                             , dch_work_surr_mgmt_two d2
                         WHERE d2.forward_surrogate_id = d1.surrogate_id
                           AND d1.forward_surrogate_id IS NULL)
                 WHERE INSTR(tree, '|') > 0

 WHERE rn = 1;


David C. Herring, DBA | A c x i o m Delivery Center Organization

630-944-4762 office | 630-430-5988 wireless | 630-944-4989 fax

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> From: Alberto Dell'Era []
> Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2007 12:36 PM
> To: Herring Dave - dherri
> Cc: amit poddar; oracle-l
> Subject: Re: Hint for self-join connect by
> That doesn't seem to tally with any of your plans - neither
> has both id 5 and 6 with an asterisk. May you please
> check it out and repost both plans with the predicate infos ?
> It would also interesting to know num_distinct, num_null and density
> (from dba_tab_columns) for the columns
>  acct_id, forward_surrogate_id and surrogate_id.
> 450k out of 70M - that's 0.6%. Maybe an index on
> acct_id, forward_surrogate_id
> may help the first selection, and another on
> surrogate_id, forward_surrogate_id
> *might* help the hierarchy visit (or at least turn the FTS
> into an index FFS). Why not giving it a shot.
> How many levels, on average, has your connect by ?
> I meant gathering at 100% just to experiment, not as standard
> practice - even if 70million is not very big, but of course it depends
> on the HW and the other activities on the system.
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