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RE: Resuming an aborted RMAN database duplication

From: Robert Freeman <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 20:02:27 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Extract them (restore archive log) and then apply manually.


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  If archived logs backup are thr' RMAN, How would you apply these archived log backup pieces manually for PTR ?


  On 4/16/07, Robert Freeman <> wrote:     If the datafiles were restored successfully, then it's     just a matter of manually restoring any needed     archived redo logs to the new database and applying     them manually. Then open the database. You will have     to do this as a point in time recovery, and just     recover to the last archived redo log sequence that     you restored.

    You may also want to reset the DBID if RMAN has not     done so already.


> This weekend I was running an RMAN database
> duplication to migrate our
> development instances from 32-bit server with
> file-based storage to
> 64-bit server using ASM. I've done this once
> already and it went
> virtually fine.
> However this time we got errors while RMAN was
> restoring the archived
> logs. I presume that archived logs would be towards
> the end of the
> process, and this was already after 6+ hours. We
> believe the error to
> be due to a bug in the failover logic in the qlogic
> drivers, and have
> disabled it for now. Reissuing my command basically
> started the
> process over from scratch.
> I'm wondering if there is a method available to have
> DATABASE or maybe just manually, restore the
> remaining archived logs
> and then move on to recovery and database opening.
> It seems silly to
> have to do another 6 hour datafile restore.
> I could swear that RMAN did know when files didn't
> need to be restored
> and would skip over them. Perhaps that was for a
> "restore database"
> command.
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