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Re: Best suggestions to become an Orac1e C0re D.B.A

From: Anand <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 21:48:27 +0530
Message-ID: <>

Hi all,

So far I read responses , I should say guidelines provided by you all. It is very appreciable and thankful. I would say mainly that people wont respond to some common man's problems so easily. I am grateful to you all for your best valuable suggestions. Thanks again for the Oracle-l freelists group and my friends. Will follow all your further responses and also hope that this topic helps to many DBA aspirers.Have a great time you all.


On 4/16/07, Laimutis Nedzinskas <> wrote:
> Quite a religious question. But still every religion can be tested by
> practice.
> OK, first there are many fields to learn even for DBA. Security,
> performance, robustness(aka High Availability)
> Then there is a philosophy.
> You may take a black box approach: learn what Oracle says kind of "if
> number X is high then increase this parameter"
> Alternatively you may learn how rdbms work in principle. "The Red Book" (
> supplemented with Oracle internals
> knowledge is a good start.
> In practice you need both approaches. When there is no time then you have
> to take a black box approach: find a recipe(solution) and apply it quickly.
> When there is time or you have now ready recipe then you can deduce how
> things work and what is wrong if you know principles. If you do not then you
> can only ask(i.e. google or so)
> Basically just like a doctor you have to know and remember a lot. Just
> like a doctor you will have to make decisions based on science or on
> experiment and experience only w/o understanding what's really going on.
> This is may be one of the biggest differencies from a developer: developer
> usually has a time to think about design. If he/she thinks is another
> question but in principle it is so. DBA often has to react quickly. It helps
> to collect basic recipes "what to do if..." The last item could be "look for
> another job" or so
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> *Subject:* Best suggestions to become an Orac1e C0re D.B.A
> Hi all,
> what would be the best suggestions to become an Oracle Core DBA since I am
> not working on Core DB things. What can i do best on myselves to learn from
> scratch?. I am a newbie to this field Can anyone suggest me on books to
> start on to have the subject knowledge and paralelly work on my home
> instance. I need some useful guidelines from SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle core DBA.
> Thanks all in anticipation.
> Regards,
> Anand
> Fyrirvari/Disclaimer

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