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RE: Best suggestions to become an Orac1e C0re D.B.A

From: Laimutis Nedzinskas <>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 14:14:37 -0000
Message-ID: <>

Quite a religious question. But still every religion can be tested by practice.  

OK, first there are many fields to learn even for DBA. Security, performance, robustness(aka High Availability) Then there is a philosophy.
You may take a black box approach: learn what Oracle says kind of "if number X is high then increase this parameter" Alternatively you may learn how rdbms work in principle. "The Red Book" ( supplemented with Oracle internals knowledge is a good start. In practice you need both approaches. When there is no time then you have to take a black box approach: find a recipe(solution) and apply it quickly. When there is time or you have now ready recipe then you can deduce how things work and what is wrong if you know principles. If you do not then you can only ask(i.e. google or so)  

Basically just like a doctor you have to know and remember a lot. Just like a doctor you will have to make decisions based on science or on experiment and experience only w/o understanding what's really going on. This is may be one of the biggest differencies from a developer: developer usually has a time to think about design. If he/she thinks is another question but in principle it is so. DBA often has to react quickly. It helps to collect basic recipes "what to do if..." The last item could be "look for another job" or so        

From: [] On Behalf Of Anand Sent: 16. apríl 2007 10:46
To: oracle-l
Subject: Best suggestions to become an Orac1e C0re D.B.A

Hi all,  

what would be the best suggestions to become an Oracle Core DBA since I am not working on Core DB things. What can i do best on myselves to learn from scratch?. I am a newbie to this field Can anyone suggest me on books to start on to have the subject knowledge and paralelly work on my home instance. I need some useful guidelines from SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle core DBA. Thanks all in anticipation.  



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