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Re: Best way to calc transactions for the month

From: Sandra Becker <>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 14:31:38 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Thanks everyone for your replies. It seems IBM has approached us to be part of a seed program for their new line of business class mainframes and they were asking how many transactions we do per month. Now that I know what it is the president is looking for, I think Tim's script will be sufficient. He's more interested in ballpark rather than exact numbers right now and I know he'll accept numbers that don't include selects. Overall, he's a pretty easygoing kind of guy. He does want me to be very involved in making the decision on whether or not we should switch platforms from Dell to IBM. That means I get to ask all kinds of questions. ;-)

On 4/11/07, <> wrote:
> Sandy,
> SELECTs really aren't "transactions" in the commonly-used sense of the
> word, as changes are not being made. Transactions generally involve
> changes (i.e. INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE).
> The sheer number of changes to the database, whether through DDL
> commands (i.e. CREATE, ALTER, DROP, TRUNCATE, GRANT, REVOKE, etc) or
> DML commands (i.e. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) can be counted in the
> statistic "user commits" in the V$SYSSTAT view, which is also recorded
> in the STATSPACK table STATS$SYSSTAT. This statistic only tracks
> actual committed changes, not the number of times a user session calls
> the "commit" command, so it is a good (though imprecisely defined)
> measure of "work" performed by the database.
> If the president wants a good number to track over time, measuring
> "throughput" through the database, you could do far worse than "user
> commits", as long as he doesn't attempt to tie that number back
> directly to some other measure (i.e. number of widgets produced,
> number of read I/Os, etc). If you are using STATSPACK, I have a
> script named " sptrends.sql" at<>that can
> query STATS$SYSSTAT for a particular statistic, and display the values
> over time. It can also dump the data into ".csv" format for upload
> into MS-Excel, for graphing, etc.
> This sounds like a fairly micro-managing manager, to me. :-) What is
> the question he is really trying to ask and then answer?
> Hope this helps!
> -Tim
> Quoting Sandra Becker <>:
> > The president of the company would like to know how many transactions
> per
> > month are running through the database. He wants to include all
> selects,
> > inserts, updates, and deletes. What would be the best way to gather
> this
> > information. Is there a way I can easily break it down by each type of
> > transaction?
> >
> > Oracle, RHEL 4.0
> >
> > Sandy

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