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Re: ASM Dependency on VIP and

From: Naqi Mirza <>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 14:51:36 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I do not have an environment to test this out on yet (thats another story). With that said, I noticed something from the crs_stat -p command taken from an old 10g ( installation. For the database instances, their resources have a parameter called: . ora.node_nameN.ASM1.asm .
Even if the workaround for asm to remove its dependency on the vip is done, seems that the rdbms instance will still go offline. The whole point of applying the workaround is to avoid having to restart the asm and rdbms instance (of course the workaround is only for asm to begin with). Anyway, I initially thought the db instance went down because its asm instance went offline - seems that is not the case. .
You mention the use of setting check_interval to 0. If this is done, and checking of the vip resource is disabled, I assume that means it will not relocate the vip either? - which would mean back to long delays (pre 10g RAC) of network timeouts for clients no?

I was hitting this problem as far bac as in and at that time spent countless hours for Oracle support and development trying to figure out the best solution. Removing dependency wasn't recommended by support even though development was quite sure it should work. And it did work when we tested it.
The best workaround recommended was to set check interval to 0 for VIP resources that ultimately disables checking completely. Thus, public network failures are not affecting VIP resource status but any manual manipulation of VIP resources (stopping) would be obviously reflected on ASM and databases.

I quickly tried it in and it seems to be working OK but do you own homework.

I posted about it some time ago if interested -

On 4/9/07, Naqi Mirza <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently running RAC with ASM. I have 2 questions (hoping someone
> has experienced this):
> 1. A public network failure results in a relocation of the vip. The
> relocation of the vip results in the corresponding asm instance shutting
> down, which in turn stops the rdbms instance associated with it. There is a
> workaround in metalink, that discusses how to remove this dependency (for
> releases under
> I was wondering if anyone has used this workaround? I also wanted to know if
> once this dependency has been removed, and there is a public network failure
> - once this (public network failure) is resolved does the vip automatically
> relocate back to its original node or does this still need to be done
> manually. Apparently in once the public network issue is fixed the
> vip will automatically relocate back - since asm no longer has a dependency
> it and the rdbms instance will not need to be started.
> 2. Can or Has anyone tested public network failures in - does it
> work as advertised ?
> Thanks
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