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RE: Non Oracle knowledge to be a good Oracle DBA/expert

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Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2007 15:44:37 +0000
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base java is similiar to C. Its just the frameworks that you havfe to learn. You can just start coding against a sample database that oracle gives you. The sun docs are enough to get started if you know C.

not sure Java is the best language for web development. I heard that Google is using python. see the presentation on better web development. Other environments appear to be alot better than java. Keep in mind that ruby on rails does not have bind variables so you can't use it for anything you are going to scale. Not sure about the python frameworks.

> Hi Orlando,
> First, I don't think I'm a "Guru", but I'll give this a shot.
> This is a difficult question to answer, because noone can know everything, and
> picking and choosing specific topics is really impossible.
> In general, I think a DBA who "came up through the ranks", so to speak, starting
> out as a developer, has an advantage over someone who came out of school and
> went straight to DBA work. (But I'm probably biased on that point, cause that's
> how I did it.)
> I think you need a strong understanding of the O/S your database runs on.
> Oracle relies on the O/S to interface with the hardware, so, understanding how
> it works, particularly under stress, can be important. For example, if you're
> involved in a performance tuning problem, and you have a database server that
> also services non-database load, the first thing you have to determine is, is
> the bottleneck inside or outside of Oracle? Without at least some knowledge of
> the O/S and how to monitor it, what to look for, this is going to be difficult
> to answer.
> As far as languages go, well, I was a C programmer before I was a DBA. Does it
> help? Sure. Is it critical to my work as a DBA? Not usually. Again, it
> depends on the situation. If your shop does a lot of C coding, and as a DBA,
> you're involved in lots of code reviews, then knowing some knowledge of C is
> going to help. Same thing with Java, or any other language. One area that I've
> been feeling a gap in knowledge is Java. I never learned it. We are getting
> more and more Java introduced. I feel like I need to at least take a basic Java
> class, to get a better understanding. Sigh, maybe someday......
> Hope that helps,
> -Mark
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> From: on behalf of Orlando L
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> Subject: Non Oracle knowledge to be a good Oracle DBA/expert
> Gurus,
> We all hear about Oracle books and manuals that we should read. What about non
> Oracle things we need to know to be a DBA? For eg couple of days ago David
> Litchfield posted a link to an Oracle paper on log buffer internals. The paper
> had lots of C code in it. Do I have to learn C to become a good DBA? What is the
> best place to start?
> Orlando.
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