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RE: Database Control vs. Grid Control

From: Herring Dave - dherri <>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 10:53:10 -0500
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I use GC (really since 8i OEM) for managing all databases, not just from the performance side. Previously we had crontab jobs set up on every server, but I found it was easier (at least for me) to keep things consistent by using the Jobs section of OEM for all DBA-related scripts, especially when I needed to adjust times of jobs. I also use the Events section for a large variety of monitoring as well.

I don't hear of this much either (probably due to extra licensing) but I use Capacity Planner as well, for the crazy concept of capacity planning. It works well with a lot of custom stats collection scripts I have.

Just another few cents from another DBA.


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> Speaking of relying on good ol' shell scripts - that reminds me there
> a 3rd option that I hadn't really even considered, which is not
> either one - no DBC or GC at all. The GUI is nice to have
> but I'm pretty comfortable at the command line so I suppose I could
> set up all my 10g database with no Enterprise Manager at all. I think
> that might actually be the best option for me - then I have ZERO
> overhead. I think I might just go that route unless I come up with
> something in EM that I just have to have. If something came up down
> road where I really wanted or needed EM, I can always create it on the
> fly with the emca command, or I suppose I could even go ahead and
> install DBC and the EM repository for all databases, but only startup
> the dbconsole processes when/if needed (I think this is what Bryan
> Thomas was recommending - thanks Bryan!).
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> From: Allen, Brandon
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> Subject: RE: Database Control vs. Grid Control
> Thanks John, good point. However, I prefer to rely on good ol' trusty
> shell scripts for my up/down & log monitoring, and in my case we also
> have HP OpenView monitoring everything, plus it is a HA cluster so if
> went down on one node it would automatically failover to another one
> (assuming I could get that configured to work properly, which may not
> a safe assumption).

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