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RE: RE: OEM justification - oem poll

From: Rodgers, Linda B. <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 07:06:46 -0400
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> From: Rodgers, Linda B.
> Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 7:03 AM
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> Subject: RE: OEM justification - oem poll
> Brian -
> Sorry for the late reply.....but I'd like to add my 2 cents since
> we're going through a similar justification.
> We use OEM (9i) in our enviornment extensively for real-time
> monitoring, alerts and basic admin tasks. We are beginnng the
> process of migrating our databases to 10g. We've got 10g Grid
> ( up and running. 10g Grid install and config was a very
> labor intensive process. I think it took our OEM expert about 4 weeks
> with several SRs posted to Oracle Support. We love the looks of 10g
> Grid. However, we are very disappointed to find that we cannot use
> the automatic workload repository or SQL Tuning advisors without
> purchasing the Diagnostics and Tuning packs (at a list price of $3k
> per cpu per pack). These are the 2 newest features that we were most
> excited about using.
> We have a huge need to know what happened to query/batch job that ran
> in the past (say yesterday) because it ran longer than normal. We
> also need to do performance trending on the databases which support
> websites. OEM is great for real-time monitoring but without 10g AWR,
> we can't meet these business requirements. We have discovered a
> little-known tool called Ignite for Oracle by Confio Software. It is
> based on wait-time analysis, does trending and allows you to drill
> into your top offending SQL statements. It runs against both of
> our 9i and 10g databases which is a bonus for us (since we're not
> quite to 10g yet). Ignite also creates wonderful bar charts to help
> explain to Sr. Mgmt what is going on inside the databases.
> Our Oracle environment is going to use both -- OEM (the free stuff)
> for real-time monitoring and Ignite for performance tuning/trending.
> Hope this helps !
> Linda Rodgers
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> Linda Rodgers
> DBA -- Technology, Engineering & Operations
> Affinion Group, Global Information Technology
> Columbus, OH
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