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Re: Refreshing a multi TB database

From: Alexander Fatkulin <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 10:09:04 +1000
Message-ID: <>


  1. As long as you're on 9i there is no such thing as "flashback database". It's a 10G feature.
  2. If you will get upgraded to 10G someday.

For initial estimation you would consider:

  1. The amount of archivelog generated on production box.
  2. The amount of flashback logs generated on test box.
  3. Time needed to flashback and rollforward test box Vs full restore+recover.
  4. Altering (if not already) production box to be in a force logging mode (perhaps).

The additional bonus of this schema - you can sort of mix standby (greatly lagging behind for the most of the time however) and test in a one box.

From the above figures you can drive the initial estimation. We are currently considering this schema for refreshing test DB from our ~2.3TB production database but so far have done only initial testing. We have had no problems with activation/flashback/rollforward but still not rolled this into some real world scenario so currently we don't have answer to a (b) and the first part of the (c).

On 3/20/07, William Wagman <> wrote:
> Alexander,
> This is an interesting solution and of course, leads to further
> questions. Our developers have been asking for a 'sandbox' if you will
> where they can play yet have it refreshed form production on a daily
> basis. Currently the database is 9i and I use RMAN to clone the
> test/devel database but haven't really figured out yet how to automate
> that process so it doesn't happen on a daily basis. So two questions...
> 1) Has anyone worked out a means to do this using 9i? If so how?
> 2) You mention some restrictions in the solution you provided. I am
> curious in knowing those restrictions. Are the flashback storage
> requirements simply the sum of the archive generation in a 24 hour
> period or are there other issues which must be taken into account? Have
> you done this and how difficult was it to implement?
> Thanks.
> Bill Wagman
> Univ. of California at Davis
> IET Campus Data Center
> (530) 754-6208

Alexander Fatkulin
Received on Mon Mar 19 2007 - 19:09:04 CDT

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