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RE: database recovery help

From: Peter McLarty <>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 16:03:03 +1000
Message-ID: <>

Hi Godwin
You mentioned that your backup is a hot backup and then you mention doing a copy (cp) to restore those. How did you do the backup. You will need the control file from your backup as it will contain an SCN number that matches the SCN number for the datafiles you backed up. Do you know when the corruption occured and how do you know its corrupt? If your hot backup is ok then and you can pinpoint the time the corruption occurred then it may be possible to do a recover until just before the corruption occurred so not losing as much as the five days work.  

The recover database until cancelled will look in the archive log directory as defined in your init.ora/spfile  

To give you some better advice we need to know the above.    



Peter McLarty
Database Administrator
Student System Upgrade Project
Central Queensland University     

From: Godwin vincent [] Sent: Tuesday, 6 March 2007 03:40 PM
Subject: database recovery help

Hi all,

          Something went wrong and now i have corruption in my database and it wont start at all. All I have is a backup which is 5 days old. As part of the backup, i have a hot backup of all the datafiles, control file and archive redo log files, which are all 5 days old. Now, i want to recover my database using this backup (even though i loose a week worth of data). I have never done a recovery ( either user-managed or using RMAN) and would like to request some help in this regard. The database is able to mount but is is not able to open, so im assuming that there is no problem with the control file. Im running Oracle 8 on Solaris. So, from my understanding, i have to perform a restore and recovery and to do that will the following work? and is this the standard way of restore and recovery

  1. Restore the datafiles backup.

    cp /u08/backup/datafilebackup1.dbf /u02/oradata/DB1/datafile1.dbf     cp /u08/backup/datafilebackup2.dbf /u04/oradata/DB1/datafile2.dbf     ............... restore all the datafiles backups to the original datafile location..........

2. startup mount   

      SQL> startup mount;

3. Recover

     SQL> recover database until cancel;  

               When prompted give the path and file name of the archived redo log to apply until it gives

               "Media Recovery Complete", if it still asks for archived logs when there are no archive

               logs left to give, then give the location of the latest active online redo log file.

4. open the database

     SQL> aler database open resetlogs;

Is the above process standard way of recovering a database with the backup?

1.Im still not clear on this control file, In this case, do i have to restore the 5 days old control file to recover the database? or can i use the current control file ( because there is no problem with the current control file as the database is mounting)? 2. Where does the RECOVER DATABASE UNTIL CANCEL command look for archived redo log files by default? can i restore the backup arch logs to the archive log destination?

Any information would be of a great help.


-- Received on Tue Mar 06 2007 - 00:03:03 CST

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