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Re: LDAP used for database connect string resolution: best practices

From: Frits Hoogland <>
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 17:29:57 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Mary, I've setup oracle names resolution using fedora directory server

(a LDAP server which used to be netscape directory server, then became sun directory server, and now is open sourced by redhat, and available as either 'redhat directory server' and 'fedora directory server'. it's known to be rocksolid)

I've build two servers actually, setup with multimaster replication (replicating to each other), with heartbeat passing on the cluster ip address.

The setup requires some tweaking, but I've described it: - (part 1) - (part 2)

In essence, what needs to be done is making oracle specific objects in ldap, for storing the connectstrings. Not a very big deal. As long as oracle uses LDAP for communications (using the LDAP rfc, don't know number out of my head), it works. It works now (until oracle client en server 10gr2), and as long as oracle doesn't 'invent' their own ldap extentions (like microsoft tends to do), it will be working.

I use it to have a central point for connectstrings in a 10 persons DBA environment. There is a drawback: the way I've set it up, we cannot add connectstrings using the oracle tools. We copy "template" connectstring, and fill out the connection specific details: host, port, sid.

If you want more details, mail me directly.

On 2/27/07, Mary Elizabeth McNeely <> wrote:
> Good afternoon, all,
> I'd like to learn how others in the field are using Oracle's OID/LDAP
> implementation to resolve database connect strings:
> What LDAP server do you use in the background and how is that working for
> you? What version?
> Do you have more than one OID server? If so, do you have them configured
> to automatically replicate the entries to each other? Any gotchas with
> that?
> How have you chosen to implement failover between the
> two? Primary/secondary entries in a sqlnet.ora? Single entry in
> sqlnet.ora, and an IP address with round-robin DNS? Other? How has it
> worked for you?
> How many non-OID databases do you have? What versions? At what level of
> transactional/resolution load do you find you need a secondary OID server?
> Any words of wisdom or things you'd wished you'd known sooner?
> If you will reply to me privately, I'd be glad to post a follow-up message
> with a summary of the responses received.
> Thanks much - woo hoo!, my first oracle-l post! -
> Mary Elizabeth McNeely
> --

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