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Re: What to keep in ASM?

From: fairlie rego <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 16:21:32 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

The load rebalancing of ASM is the big win in my mind.    

  Please explain?

Don Seiler <> wrote:
  On 2/26/07, Alex Gorbachev wrote:
> If it would be on filesystem - you might protect yourself from human
> mistake of removing one redo log. About a year ago I remember the case
> when DBA overwrote one copy of controlfile with small typo in tar
> command. On the other hand, you won't be protected from "rm -f *". You
> still can remove files from ASM but it's not that easy and it won't
> delete file that is in use.
> In ASM - I don't see much sense to multiplex redo/controlfiles in the
> same disk group. You might put another controlfile into your FRA
> diskgroup, for example (you won't be able to unmount it then). I don't
> like to rely of FRA availability but every case is different. You do
> have disk mirroring somewhere anyway. Don't you? Mirroring on SAN or
> ASM or at least RAID-F in the worst case.

We are doing external redundancy with RAID 1+0 on the SAN. Yeah I'd like to have at least another copy of the controlfile somewhere. I'm assuming I would need the separate DG due to the fact that the duplication takes so long that I'd need to use the original backup DG while the duplication was still occuring. Worst case scenario is falling back to my current setup of backing up to disk and rsyncing.

> ASM has nothing to do with ASSM. You can also use OMF with file system
> just fine.
> Just list the feature that you think you will benefit from when using
> ASM. Then decide if it's worth the hassle of learning new technology
> and introduce one more component into your infrastructure.
> Note that I'm not against ASM -- we do have quite a few customers
> using it without real problems. Real problems in this case I mean
> corruptions. Not bad for something so new in Oracle. ;-)

Yes I know that ASSM and OMF and ASM are all separate technologies, I was just naming other features that I want to start taking advantage of. The load rebalancing of ASM is the big win in my mind. Right now we're looking at 4 months time to really play with it before the production due date, so I'm more than happy to learn it.

Don Seiler

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