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Re: log writer tuning

From: Remigiusz Soko?owski <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 12:55:39 +0100
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Kevin Closson wrote:
> A. LGWR has to be scheduled and begin executing its code path,
> B. ...which of course includes the flush of the buffer.
> C. Then the committing process has to be scheduled and returned to its
> code path, where it can issue an OS timer call to see how long the <log
> file sync> event took.
> ...I'll elaborate further. When Cary says that "LGWR has to be
> scheduled", that presumes he is asleep. That is bad, yes because it adds
> his runable time to the whole equation (can be 10,20,30 or more
> milliseconds). Worse than that case is if he is already busy with
> servicing I/O and posting the previous set of waiters. There are very
> few Oracle ports where LGWR can post multiple waiters with one systems
> call (certainly not Larry's Linux). Remember, every time a process comes
> out of kernel mode, the opportunity arises to schedule a higher priority
> process. I've seen (by timing inside the LGWR work loop code) cases
> where posting 30 processes (a group commit of 30) take an entire SECOND.
> Why? Because the system was really busy. Each post (IPC semaphore
> operation) added, on average, 20ms so there went 600ms for some poor
> shadow process in LFS. Then there was I/O and other taxation.
> We implemented a post/wait driver that allowed LGWR to post all waiters
> in a single call and to set their user mode priority if it made sense as
> well. That was back in the day where there was port-optimization...its
> mostly dwindling down the "reference port" stuff now...sadly.

That would be the scenario which is our experience, however I am not aware if 10gR2 on Solaris10 is able to post multiple waiters. Number of transactions is quite large so as I said earlier I suppose LGWR is still busy with

"posting the previous set of waiters" as You said. However I suppose also, that if it would be so, we would not experience jumps of "log file sync" waits while switching between logs, but rather almost continuous increase of their value


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