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Re: Background Checks for DBAs

From: J. Dex <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 13:54:36 -0500
Message-ID: <BAY115-F142246A835EA49A52223E8A5880@phx.gbl>

What they are looking for is the best part of this --

The consent form itself only says "the limited purpose of initiating security access and system user identification" and then goes on with a big disclaimer that the company is not liable for anything and that we are releasing them of any liability. The company tells us this is common practice. Don't believe it though.

>CC: "J. Dex" <>
>Subject: Re: Background Checks for DBAs
>Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 18:46:33 +0000
>Its fairly common to have to do background checks when you get an offer. I
>even had to do a drug screen once. Criminal and Financial are kind of the
>minimum. I know a private sector company that goes back 7 years(they are
>just checking to see if you are lying). If you do most anything for the
>federal government a background check is almost always required.
>I have never heard about this many background checks. It doesn't really
>make sense. I am surprised your company doesn't just keep your background
>check on file.
>what are they checking? anything more than criminal and financial? The name
>they give is meaningless. You have to see what they are checking. to have,
>There are no legal recourses to stop this. Background checks have gotten
>alot cheaper so more and more companies do them.
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>From: "J. Dex" <>
> > Does anybody work in a Data Center type of environment which houses
> > databases for multiple/various clients (both government and private
> > companies)? How are background checks handled? The reason that I ask is
> > that everytime we acquire a new client, the new client is putting us
> > yet another background check. These are not Security Clearances. They
> > either Certificate of Public Trusts or general background checks. Our
> > company isn't doing the background check, it is the client themselves.
> > is becoming ridiculous and we really don't want to keep giving out our
> > numbers to multiple companies, etc. Our company wants us to be able to
> > cover any of the databases at any time so they are making us go through
> > checks each time. I am not sure if there are any Right to Privacy laws
> > prevent the employer from forcing us to do this and I am wondering if
> > other DBAs on the list are subjected to this.
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