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RE: Background Checks for DBAs

From: MacGregor, Ian A. <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 07:58:36 -0800
Message-ID: <>

There are many places where background checks are becoming more common. The access to information by DBA's at credit card companies and other such entities can lure folks with criminal intent. I want these people well-vetted. Not all information which needs to be protected is a matter of national security. There is a great effort these days to protect, PII, Personally Identifiable Information. There is a likelihood that DBA's with access to this information working in government, or FOR a government contractor will require NACI's, National Agency Checks (with Interrogatories?) -- the "Are you now or have you ever been?" type questions. This same scrutiny is used to grant secret clearances, i.e. access to information, the release of which could cause grave danger to national security.

Of course the customers wants to do their own checks. Why should they trust your company to do them? I'm surprised, however, that there isn't a third trusted company which could say that you are already vetted. The information is not such that each company needs to see the investigation files.

As far as privacy is concerned. You definitely have the right to refuse the investigation or to provide none of the requested information. The customer has the right however to take his business elsewhere.

Most information theft is by People who have legitimate access.

Ian MacGregor
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

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Subject: Background Checks for DBAs

Does anybody work in a Data Center type of environment which houses databases for multiple/various clients (both government and private companies)? How are background checks handled? The reason that I ask is that everytime we acquire a new client, the new client is putting us through yet another background check. These are not Security Clearances. They are either Certificate of Public Trusts or general background checks. Our company isn't doing the background check, it is the client themselves. It is becoming ridiculous and we really don't want to keep giving out our SSN numbers to multiple companies, etc. Our company wants us to be able to cover any of the databases at any time so they are making us go through the checks each time. I am not sure if there are any Right to Privacy laws that prevent the employer from forcing us to do this and I am wondering if any other DBAs on the list are subjected to this.

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