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RE: DST Apology

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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 16:02:04 -0500
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Yes, and like everything it's easy when you know how... but it is complicated when every oracle version has it's own process. Even though I am safe in that I only have 10g dictionary data, I went through all the motions... and indeed am now putting in the version 4 files.  

Two notes:  

If you are pressed for time do version 3 to be on time, and to be out ahead of things like the scheduler which might begin using the affected times. However, putting version 4 out there now is going to save you from essentially double dipping for about the same pain. I'm doing them one at a time, so there is no preasure now, and I can put the 4's out there.... I found that most of the focus is on 3... e.g. oracle9 query for timezone version 4 installed. Other queries exist, but this is an example of something available for 3 that 'might' not be available for 4. I have an SR requesting it, so we shall see. (strictly speaking it is not necessary).  

IMPORTANT: I strongly suggest you heed Brandons advice, because going back and fixing your data after you are finished seems simple... but be forwarned of things like how much time it takes. The script itself warns you it is not quick. (so multiply that by your data). I ran it and it took forever, but I had no data, and had to prime the pump to get the script started. I know one other person who says it went quite quick for her, so buyer beware.  

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
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Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 3:26 PM To:; Oracle-L Freelists Subject: RE: DST Apology  

It's okay, we still love you Jared ;-)  

But while we're on the subject (again), let me emphasize for the 42nd time that the "updated" utltzuv2.sql script as downloaded from Metalink is in fact *not* complete/correct. I have been trying to get this point across for weeks now (on this list, under the subject "ALERT - Potentially Serious Problem with DST Patches for New Timezones"), but I'm not sure how many people are listening. Metalink released two notes addressing this problem on Feb 12th and I strongly recommend everyone read them: 414590.1 & 414826.1.  



[] On Behalf Of Jared Still

You do however need to make certain that you use the correct utltzuv2.sql script for your database - it will need to be downloaded from MetaLink.

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