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Re: Interconnect

From: Anand Rao <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 08:47:05 +0530
Message-ID: <>

well, i don't want to comment about the better opportunities part, which is left to each individual.

Gopal wrote everything that i typed out and didn't send out :)

Andreas, you can ask for the SR to be worked on your time zone by calling the local support number or updating your SR.


On 12/02/07, Alex Gorbachev <> wrote:
> Perhaps, there are two reasons:
> 1. Handover on Sev1 SRs in Oracle is next to nothing so it takes people in
> BLR hours to get up to speed.
> Proper handover takes time, efforts and, actually, proper skills. I
> experienced that situation myself being on the same side of barricades as
> Oracle support. At Pythian we provide remote DBA service to our customers
> and with main office in Canada we have small offices in India, Australia and
> now in the UK. There are cases when we have to follow up the issue round the
> clock (call them our Sev1 even though they are usually caused by other
> factors like Oracle bugs, hardware failures and etc). It's absolute
> requirement to make proper handover in order to get the case "following the
> sun" and have customers pleased with its progress. Fortunately, we do have
> the tools to do so and we are not limited by any factors like Oracle's
> policy of unpublished support material. Customer must see everything related
> to his business and I see this as big flaw in Oracle support model.
> 2. Best people tend to flow to better places.
> In this case, as Gopal mentioned, best engineers are moved to HQ which is
> typically considered a more pleasant place to live and to have better career
> opportunities.
> On 2/11/07, Shreeni <> wrote:
> >
> > I am guilty of leading this thread off-track. But as Gopal said "YMMV",
> > my MM has varied always to the south every single time the SR has been
> > routed to BLR. Being born and brought-up all my life in BLR except for the
> > past 7 yrs, I would love to say Oracle support from BLR is wonderful, but
> > alas it aint true. For the me the best has been Aus everytime.
> >
> --
> Best regards,
> Alex Gorbachev
> The Pythian Group
> Sr. Oracle DBA

Received on Sun Feb 11 2007 - 21:17:05 CST

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