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RE: Hibernate and Oracle

From: Robert Freeman <>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 10:10:43 -0700
Message-ID: <>

In fact, I'm doing a presentation at Collaborate about agile and database design and changing the way we work.... I'll include some discussion about Hibernate because that is what we are using too.

I've found that some of the SQL is indeed crazy, but I've also got some developers here that know their stuff and they know Hibernate. Really isn't that key to anything? I mean, take a SQL Server DBA who is just figuring out Oracle. Is this person really going to know how to tweak this thing for performance? Probably not.

That is, in fact, a problem I think is inherent with this rapidly changing development landscape. Stuff is changing so fast, new persistence layers, new development languages and approaches. My goodness, how does anyone ever really become an expert, keep up, and use the best product available?

We changed our approach to modeling by allowing them to design their classes and generate database DDL based on those classes. I'll admit that I was not 100% happy with that change, and the DDL generated had a lot of problems and we made a lot of changes (mostly naming, adding FK's, NULL requirements, indexes and so on). We found that model was not far from what we modeled at the outset, but it really seemed to eliminate some of the initial object/database confusion that follows Java to Physical design around. The Jury is still out on this approach as far as I'm concerned, but I have been moved to believe that it's not a stupid thing.

Also..... IMHO anyone who is doing any new development on a system < 10g and trying to use RBO is asking for a performance nightmare... :-)



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On 2/9/07, Alberto Dell'Era <> wrote:
> Anything can (and will) help.

we've just started having some developers use it. i have noticed a large increase in load on the dev database. also, i was accused of "sabotaging" the database because they would drop columns and they would reappear. turns out hibernate will recreate things you change or drop unless you tell it not to. also it's the answer to the question "why is the database so slow?";-)

it does help if the developers understand the tool they're using.;-)

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