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From: Wada <>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 03:38:42 +0100
Message-Id: <>

Dear Sir/Madam,

APPEAL FOR ASSISTANCE TO CLAIM THE SUM OF US$45,000,000.00 AND LODGE IN SAFE BANK ACCOUNT, ONBEHALF OF MY FAMILY. I greet you in the name of our God Almighty.My name is Mr. Adams Wada Nas . an engineer and the eldest son of the currently detained Chief of Army staff, General Wada Nas(Rtd) during the past Military Administration of late General Sanni Abacha and General Abdusalam Abubakar respectively.

I gain access into your e-mail account in my view of searching for a trust worthy and reliable personality through the Internet.At the moment my father is facing trail and is being kept under serious

surveillance by the present civilian government. The reason why I am now reaching out to you is because my dad has instructed me to source for a trustworthy and reliable foreigner who can assist us to claim the sum of US$45,000,000.00. and keep in a safe account on his behalf.These funds had been secretly withdrawn into the safe of a security company overseas.

This is because my dad does not want these funds to be traced to him or any member of our family because of his present predicament. More so, the present civilian administration is mostly occupied by the political rivals of my dad,who likely want the downfall of our entire family. Presently some of our properties have been seized and both my dad local and offshore accounts have been frozen.

What I need from you now is to assist me and my family in claiming these funds from the security company overseas on behalf of my father. Your interest for assisting us and acting, as my father foreign partner and sponsorer will be 25% of the total sum to be claimed. You will also be coordinating any future investments we may decide to carry out overseas on behalf of our family.

Automatically you will be the family fiduciary agent and foreign partner.I will be delighted, if you treat this business as confidential and urgent.Please on no account should you discuss this business with any third party,as you, my dad, the family were the only people having knowledge of these funds.

I want to assure you that this business is 100% risk free. It does not connect to Taliban/ Terrorist financial matters or drug/money laundry affairs.It is absolutely money kept offshore by my dad for business and family use after his retirement from Nigeria Army service. Please dont hesitate to get back to me urgently whether you are interested to assist or on this acount( will be obliged for your anticipated co-operation and assistance.

Awaiting your urgent response.

Yours truly,

Adams Wada Nas

Received on Wed Feb 07 2007 - 20:38:42 CST

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