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RE: DB2 for Oracle DBAs

From: Powell, Mark D <>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 15:35:13 -0500
Message-ID: <>

I installed, configured, and briefly worked with a DB2 UDB database around version 8.1 on a mainframe Linux partition.  

Everything you know about how Oracle works internally has tot be suppressed.  

You will need to learn a new read consistency and locking model. Locks are kept in memory with a lock file written to disk.  

There is a utility for everything though IBM was working to create ALTER DATABASE commands to perform tasks from within the database like you do with Oracle.  

The documentation tells you to reorganize indexes for performance.  

SQL/PL is the internal scripting language. It was new. I found the name interesting. The syntax is not very similar to Oracle's PL/SQL. Prior to SQL/PL you wrote your procedures in COBOL or C and compiled them into the database. Explain plans were created at compile time and if you added a new index it would not be used till you recompiled.  

I think the manuals are decent. The IBM site provides online access to the official documentation plus IBM Redbooks on specific subjects.  

The IBM partner who came out to visit us told us that IBM was working as hard as they could to make DB2 more like Oracle and by now some of this may have changed.  

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	I know that some DBAs are tasked to work in mixed environments
were they should maintain different databases. 
	If on the list are people who made a transition from Oracle to
DB2 DBA, I would appreciate if they can share their experience on following topics:
	Thank you
	Mindaugas Navickas
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