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RE: What does an app need to do to work with RAC

From: William Wagman <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 09:13:31 -0800
Message-ID: <>


This discussion has cropped up at an interesting time as I am experiencing interesting problems in a RAC setup. Our RAC database maintains user accounts and users are able to create and update account information via a web page. One task which is completed upon new account creation is to then update our student information system and add the new account information there. This is done using a trigger and a pipe from the accounts database. All was working smoothly for the first few months of implementation of the accounts setup in the RAC environment and for the last couple of months has been failing intermittently but with the failure apparently upon execution of the trigger. I believe the failure started occurring when the student information database was upgraded from 9i to 10gR2 but am not certain. When the failure occurs there is one table in the accounts database which I can perform updates to from one node but not the second node. Restarting the instance on the failed node solves the problem. The last time this happens I ran the RACDIAG.SQL script and uploaded the results to Oracle and am waiting for an answer. My question/problem is that I am beginning to suspect this is due to contention for resources in the code but I don't know what to look for to prove that. As Anjo suggested I will look at v$latch, v$sysstat, x$kcbsw, etc but I'm not dure I know how to interpret the results. If anyone can offer suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


Bill Wagman
Univ. of California at Davis
IET Campus Data Center
(530) 754-6208
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For what it's worth I asked a somewhat related question back in 2002 and found Tim and Cary's replies very informative. I think they are still relevant. Here's the link:

Boris Dali.

> I will show my ignorance here and ask for what
> reasons an application
> might not work with RAC when more than one instance
> is added.

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