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New and improved customer support

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 14:27:40 -0500
Message-ID: <008a01c7367f$b988b840$232b650a@nycwkswxp2829>

Snippet from the metalink. Oracle has obviously decided to further improve customer support:  

"Your issue has been transferred to me for further analysis since your engineer is not available for a few days. I am not able to call you right now due to working on another Severity 1 issue. At first glance, it app
ears that the CJQ0 process definitely
does interact well with the event you have set. Did the event resolve the other issue you were having or is it just a ba ndaid
until they resolve the issue?

We could confirm if the event is the causing this issue by temporarily disabling it or commenting it out.

Do you have many jobs running? This process is not started if JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES is set to 0 s
o that can be used as
another workaround. You may also be able to just kill the process because it should automatically restart to workaround the issue.

I also noticed another bug that recommended the customer make sure they have/apply th
e latest kernel and updates available.

Please review and then update the SR with your feedback"      

Here, Oracle support tells me that they cannot call me because they have more important customer. He also lets me know that he hasn't

taken even a brief glance at the RDA output attached to the TAR, as RDA contains values of the parameters. Even better, the analyst

handling my SR has gone fishing without transferring a severity 2 TAR to anybody. If that is a standard procedure, all is not well at Oracle

Corp. My reply was delivered over the phone and was, as expected from me, the very definition of kindness and sweetness. Way to go,

Oracle! I'll have to take a really good second look at Pg.      

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