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Re: Data Pump and compress on the fly in Unix

From: Remigiusz Soko?owski <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 15:28:13 +0100
Message-id: <>

James Foronda wrote:
> Remigiusz,
> Remigiusz Soko?owski wrote:
>> well, ZFS is still maturing technology - AFAIK one need still UFS
>> at least for boot partition.
>> Conclusion is one still needs two filesystem services so it is easy
>> to use ZFS on separate partition designated for exports.
>> Though I wouldn't recommend using it for production database of
>> critical importance yet, I must say that it is perfect for storing
>> exports - despite of compress option there is built-in consistency
>> checking, so one can be sure no byte errors in stored files will arise
> I do agree with the caution that most people take when it comes to
> using something new... specially when one considers the implications
> of things like databases being corrupted should that new technology
> mess things up. So I'm not going to argue against your voice of
> caution. I actually think that's the wise thing to do.
> But in the end, I also believe that a lot will rest on the level of
> confidence that one has on that new technology. I myself have been
> using ZFS for more than a year now... in all sorts of environments. I
> believe I have reached the point that I can trust it enough to the
> point that I sleep well at night with my production data on ZFS.
> Thanks.
> James

well, I did not want to say we do not use it in production - actually we do, however not everywhere.
2 months ago we experienced host shutdown due to some issue with ZFS and that is why I am so cautious :-).
We have here a sun evangelist so I am aware, that ZFS is really very attractive solution - snapshots, easy filesystem creation and management, all security features (checksums for data by default, easy implementation of redundance of data), etc. For those who want to try I would recommend using ZFS update 3 - especially for OLTP - it has at least one major performance issue solved.

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