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Re: Remote automated installation of Oracle clients

From: Stephen Booth <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 15:16:21 +0000
Message-ID: <>

On 10/01/07, Niall Litchfield <> wrote:


> As far as a standardised tnsnames.ora goes, good luck catching all the apps
> that are out there including the ones people don't know about/have forgotten
> about. I'd be tempted to consider using AD as the single repository for your
> net service names, but haven't actually ever done this - it's a discussion
> where I am now where we have a similar situation.

Part of the prep work we're doing for this is going to be tracking down as many of the apps as we can. We're not going to get them all but we're, of necessity, going for an 80/20 rule. If we find a solution that deals with 80% of our desktops then we'll consider it a success and deal with the other 20% as exceptions. Obviously we'll hope to do better than 80% sorted on the first pass but even that with 2400 'exceptions' will be better than we've got right now.

 I proposed moving to a directory based solution some years ago but it was knocked back on cost and the fact that we didn't have a single directory for users and didn't even have internal DNS (name resolutions was mostly via local hosts files). We now have a corporate DNS service (this is why we're replacing the current TNSNAMES.ORA files, they mostly use IP addresses or locally decided host names so accross the corporation there may be a dozen different names all pointing to the same IP address and a name that in one part points to one IP address will point to another in a different part of the ccorporation) are currently in the process of migrating our users from multiple NDS trees to a single federated AD domain. We're currently developing plans to introduce OID sitting atop AD but that's long term, a common TNSNAMES.ORA file is the intermediate step we can reach now.


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