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RE: Setting up a 2nd snapshot replication site

From: Leng Kaing <>
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 14:42:29 +1100
Message-ID: <>

The original tables in SLAVE#1 NOT created on PREBUILT tables (this database was built by another DBA who should have know better!) So dropping the MV on SLAVE#1 or SLAVE#2 will drop the underlying tables as well. Wish Oracle would just make the underlying tables prebuilt by default so that we don't run into such problems.  

So is there anyway of registering SLAVE#2 and getting replication to both slave destinations without have to recreate the MVs?  

From: Ajay [] Sent: Sunday, 24 December 2006 6:08 AM
To: Leng Kaing;
Subject: Re: Setting up a 2nd snapshot replication site    

If you shutdown SLAVE #1 and bring it up as SLAVE #2 then you still have only one slave.

You could make a copy of slave #1 to slave #2 and use it or you can make a copy of the master itself. After making a copy you can define MV on the pre-built table at slave #2 as select from master site. This will register slave #2. Thanks

Leng Kaing <> wrote:

        Hi all,          

        We are currently using advanced replication with snapshot replication to replication from a master to a slave destination. Now we'd like establish a 2nd replication destination but taking a copy of 1st replication site and then registering it with the master site. Is this possible? Can we just shutdown SLAVE #1, bring it up as SLAVE #2 with new DBID and SID, and then push out replication to both sites? How do we go about registering the 2nd replication site so that the master will know that there are now 2 replication sites?          

        I don't want to start the 2nd replication site from scratch. I need to use the 1st replication database as a starting point as it has about 400GB of data and replicating that from scratch is going to take a long time.          

        TIA,                   Leng.                   

        Leng Kaing

        Senior Oracle DBA

        Hansen Technologies; 2 Frederick St; Doncaster 3108

        Ph: +61-3-9840-3832          


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