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RE: Does anyone use 10gR2 Grid control for enterprise wide monitoring ?

From: Mercadante, Thomas F \(LABOR\) <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 08:30:58 -0500
Message-ID: <ABB9D76E187C5146AB5683F5A07336FFE0898C@EXCNYSM0A1AJ.nysemail.nyenet>


Funny thing - I just had this discussion this morning.

We had release 1 running on our Aix box and it pretty much sucked. The server was hung every morning - we needed to reboot it to clear the problem. We only have two 10g databases on our development machine and one on our production machine. Right now, I am running db console to get the 9i OEM functionality that we use.  

It's a pretty weird product. I don't think I need all of the grid functionality (don't want server stats, app server operations, web server operations, auto patch install, auto Metalink search for patches - please!). We only need simple Oem functionality - like is the database up or down and are there alert log errors. My opinion is that they took a perfectly decent product (9i Oem) and ruined it to try and gain market share competing against Veritas and other infrastructure monitoring tools. And we, the DBA's, get screwed in the process with a tool that no longer works.  

I know Oracle will get it working properly by release 11. And for me, because we don't have any hot plans to migrate to release 10, it doesn't bother me to use db console for the next year.  

So to answer your question - no, we have no plans to use 10g grid.  


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[] On Behalf Of Prem Sent: Friday, December 22, 2006 7:41 AM
To: rjamya; oracle-l
Subject: Re: Does anyone use 10gR2 Grid control for enterprise wide monitoring ?  

Yes Raj . I agree. we too have shell scripts which do a pretty decent job.

All we are doing is :

we (at EDS) are evaluating grid control and if it fares well , we would be
making it as a standard for our customer (for enterprise wide monitoring).

So I was just curious to know whether GRID is being used widely as a monitoring tool or not !

Prem J

On 12/22/06, rjamya <> wrote:

No such issues here ... we use another 4 letter word ... Perl to do scripting, never errors out, does a nice job. Requires some work to do set up some filters, but otherwise works-as-designed.

Having said that, we will be looking "Grid Control" ... hoping that it would mature soon.

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