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Re: Architecture Question

From: Bagavath <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 10:50:37 +0530
Message-ID: <>

Stepahne & Ajay

Thanks for your input. I do understand it has to be logical standby. Right now we are evaluating 10g for some other requirements. May be this could be an added reason for moving to it. We ruled out MVs because of the application DB design, transaction rate and the DW requirements to capture history. The refresh frequency seemed too high in that case in order to capture all the changes happening in the primary db and reflect on the secondary.

On 12/20/06, Ajay <> wrote:
> Have you considered MV replication?
> How big is the database?
> I agree with Stephane that Dataguard - logical stabndby on 9i is not
> really good. About streams - I did not understand if he means that advanced
> replication means streams meaning both are same. I think they are not. In
> any case streams also has issues on 9i. So your options are advanced
> replication and MV.
> *Stephane Faroult <>* wrote:
> If you want to read from your secondary database, then Dataguard should
> use logical standby - and I wouldn't use it in a production environment in
> 9.2, it still has many teething problems (understand that it's very
> buggy). I haven't had the opportunity yet to give it another shot with 10R2.
> Advanced replication, today, means streams. Streams isn't totally painless,
> and works better, I think, with a continuous flow than with bursts that take
> some time to process (but you don't seem to want near real-time replication,
> do you? I guess that if in the worst case you have a couple of minutes delay
> it will be OK).
> If I were you, I think that I'd try to convince whomever it may concern to
> use Oracle 10R2, and test thoroughly Dataguard in this environment, because
> your case just looks like a Dataguard case study. Short of that, I'd
> probably opt (after due testing) for streams, but it's somewhat of an
> overkill (you'll be using only a fraction of features).
> Stéphane Faroult
> *On Mar Dec 19 5:19 , Bagavath sent:
> *
> hi all,
> > im new to architechture decision making. we have to decide on a set up
> > where we have to replicate data from the main application db to a secondary
> > one for reporting. since this would be a real time application with a high
> > transaction rate, we have decided to go for a secondary db for reporting and
> > other needs.
> >
> We are looking at
> > Oracle Dataguard
> > Streams
> > Advanced Replication
> > This secondary would feed DW loads too.. Any suggestions please ? DB
> > ver is 9.2. Also we have a specific requirement where we have to
> > replicate multiple sources to the same target DB.
> >
> thanks
> Bagavath
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