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RE: Strange wait for what should be a fast query

From: Allen, Brandon <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 14:56:07 -0700
Message-ID: <04DDF147ED3A0D42B48A48A18D574C45059E2678@NT15.oneneck.corp>

I think you are interpreting that incorrectly. The e=42 shows the elapsed time of the FETCH, then Oracle just sat there for 1843.75 seconds waiting for the next command from the client. I'm not sure why the elapsed value from the SQL*Net WAIT event doesn't equal the difference between the two timestamps though - seems like it should, at least approximately. Not sure about the driver id, but found this in Metalink Note 34395.1, which seems to show that yours is 'TCP\0' since 1413697536 = 0x54435000:  

driver id

        In Oracle8i onwards P1RAW can be decoded into ASCII characters to give a clue as to which Net driver is used.

        Eg: P1RAW=0x62657100 = 'beq\0' , P1RAW=0x54435000 = 'TCP\0' etc.

        In earlier releases the value here is the value of the disconnect function of the Net driver being used (which is not much use).

From: Charles Schultz [] Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 2:20 PM To: Allen, Brandon
Subject: Re: Strange wait for what should be a fast query

I thought about that, and have asked to see the source code. However, the timestamp from the FETCH to the WAIT shows a difference of 2906027257. Doesn't that mean that it waited that long after the FETCH was issued? Or am I interpreting that incorrectly?

And a bonus question: how do you decode the driver id? It is not hex. Convert to hex from decimal?

On 12/19/06, Allen, Brandon <> wrote:

        It looks like the query is fast - only .01 seconds, but Oracle was just waiting for the application to issue the fetch call. Is there something delaying the fetch, like the user clicking on the [Next Record] button, or something like that.

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Charles Schultz

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