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Re: pl/sql to be desupported in favour of java? (not!)

From: Job Miller <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 08:39:44 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

The demise of mod_plsql in EBS Release 12 as a platform for extending the UI of the E-biz suite is not synonymous with the desupport of PL/SQL. I suspect this was the source of the original confusion that started this thread.

mod_plsql was just a way to directly expose PL/SQL to the web. no offense to the mod_plsql developers out there (I was one), but anyone developing mod_plsql web apps knew it wasn't much of a productive web UI development platform for UI components and session cookie/handing compared to the alternatives, until is was GUI-fied with HTML DB.

Going forward, EBS R12 and Fusion will be leveraging OAF/ADF, which provides re-usable GUI components, declarative navigation, validation, data model/binding layer via JSR-227 that abstracts data sources from UI rendering and many other things that make developing web UIs and EBS extensions much simpler than masses of htp.p/htp.f and other web toolkit calls used previously to spit out custom HTML.

Whether you personally use PLSQL and for that matter whether Oracle uses PL/SQL underneath the future apps and ties them to the Oracle DB (as the EBS is now), is still up in the air, but the future of PL/SQL isn't.

Think about the number of DB APIs based on core PL/SQL. In regards to the apps use of it, the data access technology of ADF is toplink. Toplink will generate database agnostic SQL for persistence/retrieval and it will/can also leverage existing PL/SQL routines for that same function. So whatever your choice of heavy lifting, the UI component technology won't care because the data controls (UI - data model binding layer) don't either. What will be interesting to see is whether the apps leverage that existing PL/SQL through the OAF framework, or rewrite it as SQL embedded in the app for the sake of db
interoperability. I'd like to see some odds setting on that.

happy holidays,


> On 12/18/2006 09:03:52 AM, Mark W. Farnham wrote:
> > Speaking of global Oracle oriented conferences, I
> wonder if Las Vegas will
> > have odds for whether COBOL, Java, or PL/SQL will
> be extinct first? That
> > would be an interesting book to make, since no one
> will be around long
> > enough to have to pay off that bet.
> Java is not out of the woods yet. Granted, SUN made
> it open source, but
> competitors like C# and Python are eating away its
> market share. Java became
> enormous, class libraries like SWING are overly
> complex and hard to learn,
> which makes Java rather unpopular as a programming
> language. As an interpreted
> language, Java has never been the first choice among
> geeks, that place has
> always belonged to Perl. There are many OSS great
> Java projects, like Eclipse,
> but in the likely event that Vista will pick up,
> Java might have a serious
> competitor in C#. I would be surprised if Oracle
> Corp. was prepared to tie
> the destiny of its flagship database with rather
> insecure fate of Java.
> Are Java & Oracle the pick of destiny and the
> world's greatest band, remains
> to be seen. PL/SQL still stays as the tenacious-P.
> --
> Mladen Gogala
> --

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