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RE: pl/sql to be desupported in favour of java? (not!)

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 09:03:52 -0500
Message-ID: <>

You are correct that it seems unlikely that we will see much in the way of new application user interface work done in PL/SQL. Any correlation between Larry speculating about industry possibilities, trends and directions at a conference keynote and Larry making an official Oracle pronouncement that a product line will be terminated is purely an accident of history. I *think* SQL*CALC is gone, but that is about all…

Add this up: Oracle Unlimited + Publication of “supported forever” Application suite releases that rely on PL/SQL modules.

Even if you postulate interface and call sequence look-alike wrappers in something other than PL/SQL for all those embedded calls, you’re still looking at something like 2013 for support of current versions in the field that include native PL/SQL code.

To me the much more interesting question is whether Oracle will push PL/SQL as a transparent language standard and welcome 3rd party database products to build their own as part of the “we integrate with everyone who adheres to standards” service oriented architecture (SOA) and Fusion initiatives. Oracle has an extremely difficult to navigate course in that regard. Even if Oracle would be magnanimous to the extreme and make PL/SQL open source, they can hardly surrender control of the PL/SQL language definition. Doing so would make them vulnerable to the long history of folks casting marbles under their competitor’s feet in the standards bodies wars, and there is far too much sunk cost in built and tested PL/SQL modules in Oracle’s portfolio of applications and products to tolerate that risk in the near term.

Speaking of global Oracle oriented conferences, I wonder if Las Vegas will have odds for whether COBOL, Java, or PL/SQL will be extinct first? That would be an interesting book to make, since no one will be around long enough to have to pay off that bet.



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On 12/15/06, Mark W. Farnham < <> > wrote: Until "someone" has a name, and unless that name is Larry Ellison, you can be pretty sure the root of the rumor is a competitor of Oracle attempting to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Well, when Oracle first put Java in the database, I remember clearly words to the effect that Java would replace PL/SQL coming out of Larry Ellison's mouth. I believe it was during Oracle OpenWorld - I can't remember the last year, but I recall it being in Los Angeles. There was some controversy about Ellison's statements back then and I think it was Ray Lane who quickly assured everyone that Java was not seen as a replacement for PL/SQL.


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