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RE: some interview question

From: Laimutis Nedzinskas <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 13:54:12 -0000
Message-ID: <>

May be I am getting old or may be I am just getting wiser.  

Apply KGB tactics: get from the previous DBA every information you can. Have a beer with him or some flowers to her. Find out everything you can, let him talk! Especially find out everything what is not written down!
Get all materials from him: contacts, docs, scripts. Find out what (and how!) he does every day, at the end of the week, month, quarter, year, etc.
Find out what *irregular* shit happens and what he does when it happens. Find out as much as possible about all unusual stuff in his "household".

If possible, concentrate not on schemas, objects, etc but on the functions - i.e. applications. Functions is what is important to the end customer but not schemas and objects. Some functions can be safely ignored but some are critical. Understanding what they do is the most important. Understanding how they function is just important. Understanding that this schema and that object and this parameter must be there is just a black box approach.  

If all that stuff can be put in writing and kept updated then fine. You can be safely fired when time comes :-)                

[] On Behalf Of Murtuja Khokhar Sent: 15. desember 2006 07:18
To: freelists
Subject: some interview question

I am just curious to know the answer for these questions.  

  1. which type of things you will analyze about the database from your previous dba...when he is leaving and you are coming into the picture?
  2. what you will do first when you join into the job regarding the database?
  3. What type of reports you can give to(Project Manager) about Database?
  4. what type of documentation you will keep as a dba about project?
  5. if new project came to your can you planned and designed the database and what type of reports you will give to your project manager?

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