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Re: Why is important to acquire sqlserver and other competitor's products, if you like oracle?

From: Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 08:41:21 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Thank you for your reply.
I owe a better explanation.

This comment has a good basement, it started in the presentation Oracle gave comparing sql server 2005 and Oracle, really they put sql server in the floor and I didn't found they exaggerated, for example Oracle's presenter explained visual studio developers choose Oracle as easier to use, sql server users have the option to pay 25% of the price per year and save some money
or price the full price for the upgrade, but because the new version too 5 years
they end paying 125%, I have an old friend who is a fanatic of Microsoft Sql Server, he download the betas, know very weel the product, and always was tellingme why Microsoft was better than Oracle, I simply just quit to try to explaining the problem of the locks, etc. Microsoft Sql Server was simply the best was his god.
Well after that presentation he asked me where he could download Oracle, based on a short investigation I did some time ago and several articles I read, and some business intuition who works well, the tendency as things are going now,
Oracle really don't have competitor at least in database, obviously if you use the database only for create table and indexes, then you can say you can do the same on mysql than in Oracle, but if you are working and really investigatoin you really know that, analytics, etc. etc. even in standard one edition, there are a lot of features..
And more and more people is starting to understand that, this is a slow and persistent movement toward Oracle, there is the possibility this could change, but I'm not sure because the key is Oracle invest a lot in Investigation, they had god strategic big customer who asks new features helping to improve the product, this is a chain you have the bigger customer, this is not only investigation, you are "forced" to solve their problems, you solve them creating new features that improves your product for that customers, then more customers from that segment choice your product, and asks more features. finally Oracle is better because its features and some performance sql server can't reach easily, that are my reasons.

And this comment was to share some opinion about something one not always have in mind but is too important. Hope I don't bore you Any way you always have at hand the spam button :)

Received on Wed Dec 13 2006 - 06:41:21 CST

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