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RE: Advice, archive redo log apply to slow

From: George Leonard <>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 17:54:53 +0200
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Hi there

Ok some more information, have opened a tar already. Thought I would try this also. The more help the better.

DB is 25TB that's why the client have 32 hba's, that equates to 16 pairs, each pair in a load balance/fail over configuration.  

Hmm, well a bit difficult to get a statspack report on a databse in recovery mode. There are no delay specified. The files get shipped as they get created. Problem is the DR database takes longer to apply than the speed they are generated at.

4000 archives a day, @ 250 MB each.

I had one of the other guys do a trace for me of the session that was opened to set the database into recovery mode. To see where we waiting and the likes.  

George Leonard



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[] On Behalf Of Malpass, Nancy Sent: 07 December 2006 16:13 PM
To:; Subject: RE: Advice, archive redo log apply to slow

Good day George.

I would respectively suggest you open a Service request with Oracle but I would also get your statspacks together and I would show parameter archive to see what kind of delay settings you have. If you have large transaction that can also impact apply, , are there 4000 because of the size? Can you make your redo larger, you have no network delay can you safely truss the arch processes? Do you know where your waits are - inside/outside?

Are you 10G/9i? Are you on SAN,NAS?

You have 32 host bus adapters - why?

Looks like you are getting some help but I would at the same time open a tar.

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[] On Behalf Of George Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2006 7:01 AM To:
Subject: Advice, archive redo log apply to slow

Hi all.

ok this is a difficult one.

Production is a IBM p595 (Power 5) 32 cpu's DR is a IBM 690 (Power 4) 32 cpu's

the hardware configuration is exactly the same other than for the 595 to 690.

both machines has 32 hba's (2 GB/ports) connecting to exactly the same lun
design, down to naming, number of spindles. spindle speeds etc, whats located on the spindles, kernel parameters.

at the moment production can product 4000 archive redo log files per day,
DR can only apply 3000.

wierd thing is DR IO layers are all idling, this is the view from the spindle performance, HBA's everything is idling, cpu's max usage is like 25%.

hwo can i dig deeper, how can i get DR to apply log files faster.

oh each log file is 250mb.

DR while applying log files say via nmon it is reading 10mb/sec. we have shown we can do 10 times that easily.



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