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RE: Background information on Apps technology

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 13:14:06 -0500
Message-ID: <>

I'd start with the Field Guide by Elke Phelps and Paul Jackson. That in turn has good references to additional resources, including electronic references from Oracle's sites.

Join the OAUG (costs a small amount of money per year) and the OAUG DBSIG, middleware SIG, upgrade SIG and sysadmin SIG (the sigs are all free, except possibly event charges like chipping in for lunch).

You can find a reference list of all the sigs at and how to join instructions for the sigs whether or not you join the OAUG. There are also listservers (oaugnet and oaugnetdba) that focus on "APPS."

The entire "E-business suite" stack has been in nearly constant evolution since at least 1987, so enduring references to how it hangs together are problematic to produce. The Field Guide is pretty new and probably is the best focus point between now and whatever "Fusion" turns out to be (some pieces of which are available and some pieces are probably faired stated to be in flux.)

For the record, I'm getting no money from any of these organizations nor from the book.



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Subject: Background information on Apps technology

What is a good place to go to get information on the Oracle Apps technology stack? I'm thinking of the type of information that for the Oracle database is covered by the concepts manual (or by something like Tom Kyte's latest book) - stuff like what the database processes are, what is an instance, etc etc. For Apps, I'm not even sure I know the right questions to ask, but I'm guessing that things like the following would be covered:

I'm not even sure I'm asking the right sorts of thing, but I feel that there must be some sort of basic level of understanding of the technology that I should be able to grasp before starting to fiddle with things :-)

I've never found any courses or books that address this, which surprises me, as it seems pretty fundamental. But maybe I'm just not asking the right questions? Or is it simply such a big area that the expectation is that you specialise on one particular bit (like Financials, or HR)?

Feeling a bit confused, and grateful for any help,

Paul Moore.

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