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Re: Listener is stopping !

From: kathy duret <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 08:56:02 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

Hmmm.... I don't have any issues with DCD on    

  I didn't hear if he was using /3G switch or not... picked up the thread a bit late.    

  Orastack really works nice to decrease the size of each connections.   You need to test it out to see what size you want decrease it to. In my case the size was 625K from 1M but I set it to 700K just in case a change went it that increased the size.   You need to take down the whole database and listener, run the orastack.exe (easy and docs are complete) takes about 15 minutes at most then you have to bring up the database. The key is testing the applications to make sure they run with the decrease in size. I believe you are not suppose to go below 512K.    

  Also check out your SGA target size. I had to decrease my SGA target and max size when   we went to new hardware with hyper threading. The hyper threading changed some parameters and the number of sessions I was able to use decreased! Went from using over 500 to just over 400. when I set SGA lower I was able to get more sessions again.    

  Also look to see if you can decrease your large_pool. I have to keep it at 350M for Veritas backups but it was set to over 700. This bought me some sessions as well.    

  Going to Unix is actually the best but until then, these measures will help. Been there, done that, feel your pain.    

  I have to keep my system going like this for about one more year on Windows 32 bit.    

  I am avoiding using the /PAE because I can't reboot my machine every month. We are 24 X 7 and can afford very litte downtime.    

  I have been very success using the above methods.    

  If you can't use DCD you might want to use a kill script as mentioned for any dead connections. Make sure the connection is dead according to NT as well. There was a script on Metalink for this... can't find it right now.    

  Another idea is IF you have a standby database, see if you can point read only users to do their report over there. This will free up some connections.    

  Make sure users are logging off of applications at night to free up resources.    

  Check the application for connections that aren't being closed. We found acouple of programs that were creating Virtual tables and not cleaning them up. You might have open cursors that are not being closed etc.    

  I also started rotating my listener.logs and alert logs more frequently.    

  If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me directly.    

  I went through many oracle, windows, service calls to help get me through this.    


Mario Broodbakker <> wrote:   Good point, DCD adds an extra thread per session/connection, it's a kind of watchdog thread. Which indeed 'eats up' another stack, so if you run out of workingset memory that's a bad idea. Will be fixed in the next patchsets (at least in, don't know about 9i)


I've experienced this pain too. Kathy is riight about /3Gb and the /PAE memory leak suspicions although I've been able to use in Win2k and Win2003 in by monitoring memory consumption and knowing when it's time to reboot the server.

I'd be careful with DCD - I tried it, it worked but it doubled my Oracle sessions/processes (some kind of shadow process created to enable DCD to work I think) and I suspected that as a result we got more memory issues. You may be better off handling dead sessions via manual checking/orakill'ing. As ever YMMV.

The only true solution if you are hitting a memory limit is to move off 32bit windows - either 64bit as Kathy recommends or a Unix variant where you are not stuffed by the multi-threaded architecture. I did some tests of 10g on windows for a client - memory problems were even worse than their 9i system!

HTH Tim Onions

>Been there done that.......

> You are running out of virtual bytes on Windows...

> Are you using the 3G switch? If not this is the first thing you should

> beware of using the /PAE switch others have reported memory leaks using
>this up to and >including not sure if it is fixed in or
>beyond. You take a performance hit to >with /PAE I understand.

> Also use DCD in sqlnet.ora to get of old windows connections.

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