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Re: Listener is stopping !

From: walid alkaakati <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 07:28:16 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

Hi Ghassan.    

  The listener is the same version of db (db version ), and i have two oracle homes one for db and the other for forms.   Can i ask something ? how i trace network problems.    


Ghassan Salem <> wrote:   Walid,
what version is this listener (is it the same as the db?, how many oracle_homes do you have on this machine?)


  On 11/27/06, walid alkaakati <> wrote: Hi again ,    

  Finally the database hanged again but this time the listener did not stop ,i could not make any connection even from the server.    

  The listener.trace shows the following errors :    

  Incoming connection section :
  ntt2err: soc 432 error - operation=5, ntresnt[0]=524, ntresnt[1]=36, ntresnt[2]=0

ntt2err: soc 452 error - operation=5, ntresnt[0]=524, ntresnt[1]=997, ntresnt[2]=0 
ntn2err: error: handle=444, op=5, nt[0]=524, nt[1]=997
nserror: nsres: id=4, op=68, ns=12537, ns2=12560; nt[0]=507, nt[1]=0, nt[2]=0; ora[0]=0, ora[1]=0, ora[2]=0

  NA disabled remotely for this connection NA services unavailable on both processes - negotiation not needed .    

  Do any of you have any idea about these errors ?    

  Thank you all for your help.           

Ghassan Salem <> wrote:   Walid,
from the menu where you have oracle tools, go to the configuration part, choose 'net manager', then from the general parameters of the listener, you can set the tracing level for your listener.

  On 11/18/06, walid alkaakati <> wrote: hi ,   It oracle version on windows server 2000 .   Can please elaborate on modifing listener.ora ? do you mean add new listener?   how can i trace debug?

Ghassan Salem <> wrote:

    What version of Oracle is this? (and what Win version)? Put the listener in debug mode (lsnrctl then trace debug , or modify the listener.ora )


  On 11/18/06, walid alkaakati <> wrote: Thanks Ghassan,    

  I checked the listener.log it shows every thing normal.   however when the problem happens i check tns-service in contral panel->services i find sid service is running however the listner service is not running so i restart the server and so on... is the listener becoming tired when i have many connectins !   the system adminstrator cannot find the meaning of the error " local agent reponse " in the system event , how shall i proceed in the investigation.         

Ghassan Salem <> wrote:   Walid,
what do you mean by 'listener is stopping'? if you do a 'ps -ef|grep tns', you see no tns program running? if that is the case, look at the listener.log (in oh/network/log) to see if there is any error message there.


  On 11/18/06, walid alkaakati <> wrote: Hi list ,    

  I need your help on this urgent issue .    

  Each day iam facing a problem , the applicaton is freezing and all my users (150) can not do any thing and you cannot do any new connections , some times this is accompanied by message (" can ot open dedicated server process...."),   when i checked the services i found that listener is stopped automatically !    

  I wonder why it is stopping IS it that i have to add new listener or what ?   Net work problems ? how i verify that it is a network problem ?   the alert .log do not show anything , the window event shows " local agent error "   where i shall start?    

  Wating your help.

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