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RE: Subject: RE: Tuning issue, 10046 trace and Scheduled Jobs

From: Ken Naim <>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 20:02:13 -0500
Message-ID: <023601c70dd1$d9f84180$96b016ac@KenHome>

In this case it wouldn't matter since they still would have the value from the previous run which is identical in value since I am testing for the same period of time. I just set them each time incase the volume changes in the future. I got into this habit after having a GTT that normally contained 100-500 or so records at time, but one day we had to processes 300k records so the nested loop plan was not good to say the least.

I just check the dba_tables view and the GTT's are getting updated via the scheduler. It is just odd why the v$sql_plan showed hashjoin and internally was doing a nl plan.


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Is it possible that setting the statistics for the GTT tables fails when run as a scheduled job. If the optimizer assumes that the GTTs are empty that could explain that it goes for an NL join. I have seen that happening a lot in the Peoplesoft environment with its "temporary" tables ( not GTTs but real tables which usually are empty, especially when the weekly stats job runs :-( )

At 03:33 PM 11/21/2006, Ken Naim wrote:
>I apologize, I changed the scenario on you to narrow the scope of the issue
>down, I took out the third table and just did a full outer join of two of
>the tables and got the same poor execution, just it took 15 minutes
>of 35) now for the two tables.
>I am not sure if the oracle scheduler would is changing the session
>parameters, how can I check?
>Based on what you were saying about the nested loops I looked back at some
>code I wrote a while back that this code was loosely based on and compared
>them and found that my old code had GTT's with primary keys and my new ones
>didn't so I added them and the code now runs with a an index read instead
>a full scan under the filter section which now runs in the normal 10
>It is just so odd that the scheduler caused it to do nested loops instead
>a full scan and the explain plan didn't even show it.
>I appreciate your effort not only in helping me resolve this issue, but in
>educating me how to handle these issues in the future.


Wolfgang Breitling
Centrex Consulting Corporation

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