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Query in 10g

From: <>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 09:25:39 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Hi List!!!

I have a question, do you ever have to come that while running a query in 10g you get the following error:

select ACUM_PERIODO,con_nombre, ACUM_UNIDADES || ' ' || DESC_UNIDAD desc_unidad, pec_saldo_valor, acum_valor_local from VRH_PRO_ACU_COL_PAG WHERE emp_codigo = 43103973 and ACUM_ANO = 2006 and acum_mes=9 /

ORA-01722: invalid number

The table description is:

Name                           Null     Type
------------------------------ --------

EMP_CODIGO                              VARCHAR2(11)
EN1_CODIGO                              NUMBER(4)
ACUM_ANO                                NUMBER(4)
ACUM_MES                                NUMBER(2)
ACUM_PERIODO                            NUMBER(1)
ACUM_FECHA_PAGO                         DATE
CON_CODIGO                              NUMBER(4)
CON_NOMBRE                              VARCHAR2(30)
ACUM_UNIDADES                           NUMBER(8,3)
CON_UNIDAD_MEDIDA                       VARCHAR2(3)
DESC_UNIDAD                             VARCHAR2(60)
CON_NATU                                VARCHAR2(3)
ACUM_VALOR_LOCAL                        NUMBER(12,2)
PROC_CODIGO                             NUMBER(3)
PEC_SALDO_VALOR                         NUMBER

When I delete the "and acum_mes=9" it works, but when I run the query with it, it gives me the error: ORA-01722: invalid number. Do you have any idea what can be the problem?.. it was running perfectly in 9i:(

Thanks in advance,

Isabel Bedoya Gómez
Gestión de Tecnología
Tel. 2307500 ext: 4077

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