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Re: Virus emails galore

From: Norman Dunbar <>
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 12:28:43 +0000
Message-Id: <>

>> They been very active, the little buggers.
>> Mostly annoyance value, really. Not much they can
>> do, past three firewalls and a firm
>> do-not-open-ANY-attachments policy!

Annoying is the word. I can always tell when a 'new' virus or whatever has been produced for Windows as my home email gets hundreds of them every day. Usual traffic is about 10-20 messages on a daily basis, but recently, I've been cleaning out about 2-300 of them.

>> > Been for any more good curries down 'Dee Why' recently ?

>> Yeah mate: lovely stuff! And the new Top BBQ Chinese
>> is superb as well! I now live within bike range
>> of those places! ;-)

Nice. I'll have to get down that way next time (!) I'm passing Oz. Unfortunately, my wife's auntie passed away (she lived in Harbord) so it doesn't look like we'll be back in Sydney for the forseeable future :o(

>> Mind you: with 10g starting to - finally! - take off
>> around here, not much time to go out: gotta get
>> those 8i and 9i clients on it! I've even got a 7
>> one to upgrade - now, THAT's gonna be fun!

Hmm - I've got quite a few 734s hanging around at the moment. It's a third party supplier thing. :o(

>> Hey, good to see you at Kevin's blog! Long
>> time no hear.

Aye, CDOS etc got too much 'kiddie' for me a while back. I still occasionally pop in and check it out, but you get a better class of posting here and I think I prefer the email version rather than the proper news group style.

Enjoy those curries !

Norm - In unseasonally sunny Bradford, West Yorkshire, England - home of some fine curries too!

Norman Dunbar.
Contract Oracle DBA.
Rivers House, Leeds.

Internal : 7 28 2051
External : 0113 231 2051

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