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We can save your company

From: ned graham <>
Date: 4 Nov 2006 07:11:31 -0600
Message-ID: <>

BUSINESS OWNER OR OPERATOR From time to time, most companies experience a cash flow problem. These problems can range from temporary cash crunches with the inability to pay trade creditors and suppliers within the granted credit terms to more serious problems including bankruptcy and liquidation.

If you own or operate a company with a cash flow problem, we can help. We are a national consulting company specializing in reducing problem debts for companies of all sizes. Since our inception in 1989, we have helped hundreds of companies including small "mom and pops" to large multi-national organizations. We keep our clients out of the legal system so they can concentrate on their business enabling a large savings in both time and money.

We typically reduce our clients accounts payable and other debts to less than 20 cents on the dollar! In fact, our settlements rarely go higher than 35 cents on the dollar. Furthermore, we put our clients in a no lose situation. We always give them the opportunity to accept or reject any settlement we negotiate for them. If they do not like the settlement we negotiated, we charge them nothing. If they accept, our fee is based on a small percentage of what we saved them over the original amount owed.

Therefore, we don't charge by the hour, never charge a retainer, but only get paid when you accept a satisfactory settlement that we have negotiated on your behalf.

If your creditors are constantly calling your company for payment, or have even retained a collection agency or attorney, I strongly urge you to fill out the form below and fax it back to us. Just imagine what your cash and working capital positions would look like in a few short weeks after an 80% reduction of debt.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

No results! NO fee!

Call today for your free consultation:


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