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RE: Oracle & FC6

From: Peter McLarty <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 21:53:50 +1000
Message-ID: <>

Hi Mladen  

I will say at this time Open Suse is a goer, I have an OpenSuse server in the office running on some crap Dell hardware. Suse installed painlessly and after a bit of googling linked up to a page here with how to get 10G running and a few downloads later and Oracle has been running without issue for a number of weeks as a test and training platform.  

Seems a lot easier than some others The Suse installer is smooth and easy to follow IMHO  

HTH   Cheers      

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From: on behalf of Mladen Gogala Sent: Sat 4/11/2006 3:50 PM
To: oracle-l
Subject: Oracle & FC6

I just installed FC6 on a partition and tried to install Oracle for x86. I did install libaio, libaio-devel, compat-libstdc++ and all the rest, but the installation was unsuccessful. Both GUI tools (dbca and netca) crapped out during the installation phase, which was a bad sign. When I manually configured all the files, created background_dump_dest and its brethren cdump and udump, initTST.ora, orapwTST and the whole 9 yards, sqlplus "/ as sysdba" was just hanging there. FC5 was creating huge problems and now FC6 seems to go along the same path. It looks like Fedora will cease being a usable distribution for Oracle. I'm making my mind between CentOS which would leave me within the generally well known and supported world of Red Hat or Ubuntu, recent new favorite of the Oracle Corp. Of course, my FC4 still works. From what I read, Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian, only marginally adjusted to be usable by humans. It doesn't look good. Of course, with the recent war games between Oracle and Red Hat, there are no guarantees that Oracle will support EL5, even if it comes out soon. Patch sets are far between and of lower and lower quality. Patchset is still not available for Linux, despite being out on SUN for months. Linux doesn't look like a tier 1 platform that it was promised to be. Solaris x86 is in worse situation still. From afar, it looks like Oracle Corp. is in utter disarray, quite incapable of producing decent quality code. Oh, and FC6 is not much better, it overwrote all of my GRUB entries end wiped the /boot filesystem clean. Have I not had a backup, I would have been in a bad predicament. Jesus saves and so do I, to a DVD, whenever possible.


Mladen Gogala


-- Received on Sat Nov 04 2006 - 05:53:50 CST

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