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RE: Slow Streams Performance.

From: Thotangare, Ajay \(GTI\) <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 10:21:56 -0500
Message-ID: <>


No harm in trying your suggestion.
As per my knowledge, In 10g QMON Architecture, If AQ_TM_PROCESSES is explicitly specified then the process(es) started will only maintain persistent messages. For example if aq_tm_processes=1 then at least one queue monitor slave process will be dedicated to maintaining persistent messages. Other process can still be automatically started to maintain buffered messages. If you explicitly set aq_tm_processes = 10 then there will be no processes available to maintain buffered messages. I think Increasing AQ_TM_PROCESSES will help only in case of persistent messages. It will not help in buffered messages. Pls correct me if I have wrong understanding  


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From: Polarski, Bernard [] Sent: Friday, November 03, 2006 1:25 AM
To: Thotangare, Ajay (GTI); Subject: RE: Slow Streams Performance.

Encountering flow control just means that the dequeue is not up to the enqueue.
Given the fact that you have free readers while encountering the flow control, I would rather think that this is the cleanout of applied transaction that is lagging behind.
The only parameter that affect the number of reader devoted to the cleanout is 'aq_atm_processess'. Most of the time it is left to 1, you should try a value of 4.    

B. Polarski

From: Thotangare, Ajay (GTI) [] Sent: Thursday, 02 November, 2006 8:50 PM To: Schultz, Charles; Subject: RE: Slow Streams Performance.


In my case database is not looking for old log sequence number. Its looking the right and current log file. Propagation seems likely to be bottleneck due to which Capture process halts and time is wasted. SQL> select
first_scn,start_scn,captured_scn,applied_scn,required_checkpoint_scn from dba_capture;  


---------- ---------- ------------ ----------- -----------------------
 461616864  461616864    461645048   461635296               461635296

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From: Schultz, Charles [] Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 12:21 PM To: Thotangare, Ajay (GTI)
Subject: RE: Slow Streams Performance.

Where are first_scn and start_scn in terms of last_required_scn? We had a somewhat similar performance problem when the database was keeping track of a really old log sequence, and things sped up a bit when we moved the first_scn up.

[] On Behalf Of Thotangare, Ajay

Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 11:04 AM To:
Subject: Slow Streams Performance.

Hi All,

Slow Streams Performance. I want to reduce the time for the changes to be reflected in target site sooner.


Site A :
I execute a particular transaction and it takes 3 Mins.
(Transaction Inserts 1,000,000 rows in a table. Commit every 1000 Rows.
No Indexes)

SIte B
I execute same transaction and it takes approx. 3 Mins.
(Transaction Inserts 1,000,000 rows in a table.Commit every 1000 Rows.
No Indexes)


Site A :
I execute a particular transaction and it takes 3 Mins.
(Transaction Inserts 1,000,000 rows in a table.Commit every 1000 Rows.
No Indexes)

Site B :
Capture, Propagation and Apply runs on this site.

Steps :
(a) Execute transaction on SiteA ( 3 minutes) (Generates approx. 275MB
of redo)
(b) Switch archivelog on Site A atleast 2 times (done Immediately)
(c) Time to transport archivelog from SiteA to SiteB (approx. 1mins).
Archive log is automatically transported via RFS
(d) It takes around 2mins to get status of capture process as "capturing
(e) It takes 10Mins to reflect the transaction on SiteB which is a slow

Earlier it use to take 24Mins. Now its reduced to 10mins due to following changes
(a) Add parallelism to Capture : 12 Parallel process (4CPU BOX)
(b) Add parallelism to Apply : 8 Parallel process (4CPU BOX).

    Parallelism for apply was reduced from 12 to 8 which gained performance by 1 mins.

        Noticed that 4 parallel out of 12 process were always idle so reduced the parallelism to 8 (Gained 1 Minute in performance)

(c) Changed propagation latency to 0
(d) Streams Pool SIze increased to 2G. (This helped to remove all
spilling and incresed performance)
(e) _SGA_SIZE increased to 500M. (our logfile is just 275MB)
(f) Checkpoint Frequency : 100M

When I check the status continuously from v$buffer_subscriber and v$buffer_publishers,
It shows the publisher state as "IN FLOW CONTROL: Lots of Unbrowsed msgs". Capture Process also shows status as "PAUSED for flow control intermitently".

How can I completely eliminate the status "IN FLOW CONTROL" , which indicates either low memory or apply or propagation is not as fast as capture.

We confirmed its not memory problem by reducing commit size. We think problem is with Propagation as apply seems working fine.

Can anybody help to resolve this problem? Pls let me know if anybody needs more info.


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